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What Is Performance Appraisal?

Performance appraisal may be a tool employed by HR, more specifically by the people management area, to live the performance of employees or areas of a corporation . It are often administered periodically consistent with the requirements of the organization.

This methodology also helps to know whether the worker is below, meets or exceeds the performance expected by the organization and, supported an analysis of hard skills and soft skills , that is, technical and behavioral skills, it’s possible to draw up a strategic plan for consistent with the requirements of that employee or team, like training, promotion, bonus, dismissal , etc.

In addition, the performance evaluation helps during a strategic vision for the corporate , because it highlights strengths and points for improvement, both with reference to each employee and with reference to the teams. during this way, it’s easier to see ways to enhance processes and generate more results.

There are several practical ways to increase the performance of a team of collaborators. And to find out what you need to improve on that performance, you need to use the Performance Assessment.

Waiting for bad results to appear to realize that something is wrong is the worst alternative. The correct thing is to make a continuous follow-up through the performance evaluation.

Therefore, in today’s article you will see what Performance Evaluation is, how it works, what are its main objectives and how to implement it correctly.